New Renault Zoe 2 uses recycled materials for the interior

Renault equips the new Zoe with recycled materials whose production respects the environment.

To produce the new generation of Zoe, Renault uses a unique in the world industrial application with recycled materials for the interior. It is a “patented textile product” made from safety belts, automobile waste and recycled plastic bottles.

It does not stop there as the construction process takes place without chemical transformation which also contributes to the preservation of the environment. All this reduces CO2 emissions by more than 60% compared to the normal construction according to Renault.

New Renault Zoe 2 uses recycled materials for the interior

This textile is located in Zoe’s interiors in the Zen and Intens versions of various accessories: Seat Covers, dashboard overlap, gear shift lever area, and door liner.

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Jean-Philippe Hermine, Director of Strategic and Environmental planning of Renault, said: “With the support of our partners Filatures du Parc and Adient Fabrics France, we prove that it is possible to implement cyclical and competitive Development models.


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