Porsche prepares new electric crossover with four motors

The Porsche evolves an advanced drive system consisting of 4 electric motors, one for each wheel, rather is the logical continuity as such a system allows amazing control of the stability of the vehicle and practically infinite adaptability In the respective circumstances. And we explain, as Porsche itself explains.

A “conventional” car has limited capabilities. As there is a petrol engine or diesel engine, the torque is divided into the two axles through a central differential. This usually has a predetermined ratio of distribution but even being variable, the time required for the reaction of a mechanical system is important.

In the new electric set that has been developed and tested by Porsche, there are 4 individual engines and a highly advanced software that controls their operation to ensure both the neutrality in car handling and optimize its dynamic features!

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For example, if the driver wants to accelerate though, the software can send all available torque to the wheels of the rear axle. Or if the situation is such that the rear wheels have no traction at all, the torque can be transmitted to the wheels of the front axle! I repeat, this was feasible and in a mechanical way but the reaction speed of the electrical system is significantly greater and distribution of torque much more accurate.

An interesting example of the creativity of Engineers, is that the torque control system, “communicates” with a sensor that detects the inclination of the car – a sensor that until now, its data was used to automatically Adjusting the front luminaires. This cooperation is because the weight distribution cannot be defined clearly and confidently only by the sensors that “read” the load of the suspension.

The problems were addressed though and the system has already been tested in extreme conditions. And although integrated into an SUV, it can be customized for any body style. You can be sure that what you read here today, we will see sometime in the near future in a Porsche production car.


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