Tesla Model S German owner reached a million kilometers

An incredible performance has been achieved by German Hansjörg Gemmingen with a Tesla Model S that has already been in possession of 5 years. It bought it slightly used with 30,000 km and only recently reached the landmark number of 1 million km.

Perhaps, the particular Model S should be not only the Tesla with the most mileage in the world, but generally the electric car that has “written” the most distance.

This record has been officially recorded by Guinness Book of Records.  What damage did it have in that time period? The first one that changed was its electric motor, which is mounted on the rear axle and moves the corresponding wheels. The electric motor has changed a total of 3 times, but the latter has proved to be highly durable.

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At the same time the original battery had to be replaced at 290,000 km. To keep the Model S moving, the Tesla lent him a battery, and after about 6 months a new one was placed. The important thing is that all these changes were covered by the warranty accompanying the Model S, while the next target of the owner is one million miles.


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