The new Tesla Cybertruck was officially unveiled last month where in addition to its futuristic exterior design it has impressive electric autonomy that reaches over 500 miles. But in the video below you will see something completely different after Cybertruck and Robocop join forces to combat crime in Detroit. Specifically, we see it in a shop robbery, with Robocop coming out of Cybertruck and saying his classic “you’re under arrest“.

For those who do not know, ROBOCOP takes place in Detroit, where crime has reached high rates. Officer Alex Murphy is killed on duty and returns as Cyborg, who, with the help of Omni Consumer Products (OCP), turns to Robocop, the COP robot, who is called to take on the bad guys and his memories and being Almost unbreakable. The film’s debut was made in 1987 and became a great success. 

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