Volkswagen Autonomous robot will charge electric cars

The procedure for the Volkswagen autonomous robot charging an electric car will be simple and seems very useful and practical. At present it is an prototype robot and no probable date has been set for its release on the market. The robot, which can drive independently, is equipped with cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors.

It can fully carry out the charging process, but can circulate freely in the parking area, identify potential obstacles and react to them. Depending on the size of the parking space, various charging robots can be used simultaneously so that they can watch different vehicles.

Volkswagen autonomous robot

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When the driver of an electric car enters the parking space, he will not have to look for the charging point, since everything will be done completely automated. When the driver parks, his cell phone communicates with the car for the battery level and immediately the information is transferred to the robot.

This, after receiving the command, then directly takes the mobile battery and connects it to the car, without the need of the driver’s presence, for example, to open the charging door. When the charging process is completed it takes the battery and places it on its base so that it is charged and ready for the next car.


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