Watch Cybertruck to circulate at night on Expressway

Cybertruck of Tesla, during its presentation caused turmoil for its “special” appearance and impressive performances. But imagine the surprise you will experience when driving with your car at night and suddenly next to you is the enormous Cybertuck! 

This is what happened in the video that follows, from YouTube channel Roberto Cruz, when a Cybertruck Tesla was caught in the camera running at night at highway.

We don’t know the reason if Cybertruck is being tested on the road or just doing a “ride ” on the highway showcasing its rich  “size” and sharp corners! However, Cybertruck has the power to impress the world out there, wherever it is presented, and it is sure to cause a big issue -in the positive sense- on the Internet.

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Description from YouTube channel Roberto Cruz :

The cyber tuck loos better in person, it even has dual color, the silver on bottom and the mat black on top. Love it. Looks more amazing in person.

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