Italian designer redesigns the legendary Renault 5

An independent Italian designer is redesigning the Renault 5 where 50 years ago this model revolutionized motoring. The Italian designer Marco Maltese designed in a more improved form of the legendary Renault 5 but went one step further giving a more elegant look as well as the concept is purely electric. The Renault 5 surprised … Read more

The Leaf EV reliability from Nissan awarded once again

Nissan Leaf EV was once again awarded for its reliability after taking the title of the most reliable pure electric car, following a survey of the best-known British insurance companies. The parameters measured in the result of the survey concerned the frequency of necessary repairs, often problems, repair costs and the age of the vehicle … Read more

Renault unveils CMF-EV platform for future EVs

Renault chose a new special platform for EVs called CMF-EV, developed together with combustion architecture, but with a completely different technical approach. To such an extent that the French company took a few years to officially present it with the premiere of concept Morphoz The debut of the concept M├ęgane eVision demonstrates the potential of … Read more

This Lexus EV offers huge warranty on the battery

Lexus in an impressive move offers its first EV with a huge battery warranty showing the Japanese automaker’s intentions for the electrification. The Lexus UX 300e is the first luxury pure electric Japanese model and its commercial course on European soil will begin in selected markets. More than 1.8 million hybrid cars have been sold … Read more

Watch how the Tesla FSD Beta react | video collections

How the Tesla FSD Beta (Full Self Driving) react in real-world conditions? As Elon Musk announced, some lucky Tesla owners can now try the beta version of the full autopilot (FSD). With the trial version already released, some drivers offer us the first videos of the company’s Full Self-Driving system. In the videos below we … Read more

Tesla (TSLA) : Earnings for fifth consecutive quarter

Earnings, for the fifth consecutive quarter, were recorded by electric vehicle and renewable energy company Tesla, surpassing Wall Street estimates. Its stock is up 1.08% in online trading. Defying the global upset caused by coronavirus, Elon Musk’s company posted earnings of $331 million, or 27 cents per share, in the quarter ended September 30, compared … Read more