Sono Motors : The funding campaign was successful

Sono Motors

Sono Motors’ crowdfunding campaign was absolutely successful. Sono Motors is a company that works on a new innovative solar-electric car. At the end of 2019, investment firms began asking Sono to stop Sion’s project because of the high cost of development. However, Sono Motors chiefs have asked for the public to be assist in their … Read more

Hyundai increases production of Kona Electric

Kona Electric

Hyundai decided to increase the availability of Kona Electric on the old continent. The Korean company has announced that the availability of Hyundai Kona Electric is to triple in Europe in the coming period. The Korean company’s electric small SUV will also be manufactured at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing facilities located in the Czech Republic. The … Read more

Tesla Q4 2019 earnings scores an amazing year

Tesla Q4 2019

Impressively ended the Tesla Q4 2019 as profits far exceeded analysts’ expectations. Another successful quarter proved to be the Q4 2019 for Tesla where it announced its financial results. So Tesla announced $7,384 billion in revenue and surprising profits of $2.14 per share. These results are directly contradicted by Wall Street analysts’ estimates. According to … Read more

Luca de Meo is Renault’s new CEO


photo Italy’s Luca de Meo, the former head of Seat, has been taking over the French manufacturer since the upcoming summer. The 52-year-old Italian will have the heavy duty to lead Renault to new successes. It’s official now. Italy’s Lucas de Meo was appointed renault’s chief executive starting on 1 July following the French manufacturer’s … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Standard range $35,000 still available?

Model 3 Standard

When Tesla unveiled the Model 3, it promised that the basic version would cost $35,000. Later the promise became an act and indeed the affordable Model 3 Standard Range was available for order. But can someone now order the basic version? Surely Tesla wants more profits than any car it sells and the basic version … Read more

Offshore Wind Tendering 8 GW in France

Offshore Wind Tendering

The French Government has proceeded to increase the auctioned power of the forthcoming tenders. More specifically, the Macron government decided to revise its target for offshore wind from 5 GW to 8 GW. This action is under the country’s new roadmap for Energy, better known as the “Programmation pluriannuelle de l’energie (PPE)”. The competitions will … Read more

Hyundai Kona electric won a special distinction

Hyundai Kona electric

A special distinction was won by the electric Hyundai Kona SUV, after it managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records. The electric version of kona set a separate record, that of the electric car, which has been driven at the highest altitude. Hyundai’s pure electric SUV reached 5,731 meters high, breaking the previous … Read more

Volvo prepares all-electric version of the XC90


Volvo wants to have a full electric range by 2025 and the XC90 couldn’t be missing from it. Thus, it will become the first model to make use of the upgraded architecture SPA. Τhis will allow it to offer a purely electric version, as revealed by Volvo’s chief executive, Hakan Samuelsson. This version will be … Read more