Dacia Electric cars in 2-3 years according to Renault

According to the President of Renault Europe, Philippe Buros, Dacia will soon become a brand with electric cars, using older technology that will gradually subside from Renault.

The main selling point for Dacia is ‘quality and price ratio’ and as part of this the Dacia takes technology that Renault has, but after a delay,” he explained in a recent interview with Autonews Europe. “Thus, Dacia will take everything Renault has in terms of electrification, because we will be forced to have electric models in Dacia vehicles, either by electric cars or hybrids.

When asked whether Dacia would have lower emissions for environmental reasons, Buros replied affirmative, adding that when Romania’s brand development began, most of Dacia’s customers in France lived in rural Regions, but today we have many buyers in cities like Paris. “They’ll want an electric Dacia. But, they will want one that is less expensive than an electric Renault.

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As to when this is going to happen, it could be sooner rather than later. “I think in two or three years we will have electrically powered Dacia,” he added.

Dacia Electric cars


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