Enel Green Power : Record of 3 GW of New RES power in 2019

The 3029 MW developed during the last year’s year were a record for the Enel Green Power, breaking the record of 2018, when and had 190 MW. In terms of the geographic distribution of the new installed power for the 2019 about 1072 MW of RES were installed in Europe. Mainly in Spain, while 997 MW in Latin America, especially in Mexico.

According to the available data, approximately 867 MW were installed in North America, mainly in the USA. Also 94 MW were built in Africa, Asia and Oceania, of which the main volume in South Africa.

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Indeed, as the Enel Green Power says in a announcement, the new additions to the company’s portfolio worldwide are expected to yield (in production) 9.3 TWh annually in full operation.


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