Greece : Trikala launches autonomous buses for public

Two important events occur in the technological upgrading of the municipality of Trikala in Greece. The first is the signing of a contract for the release of 2 fully autonomous electric buses.

The cooperation agreement for the circulation of 2 fully automated electric vehicles (buses) was signed between e-trikalaAE and AMANISWISS. The buses will carry passengers from the Intercity BUS station of Trikala (Othonos Street) to the KTEL facilities of Rizario and vice versa.

The municipality of Trikala has already pioneered world-wide. The AVINT project, moreover, essentially complements the successful operation of CITYMOBIL2, which in 2015 brought and tested for the first time worldwide electric vehicles (photos) without driver in the city centre.

Trikala launches autonomous

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Regarding the second action of the municipality of Trikala it concerns the possibilities of cooperation with Chinese group of companies, for founding in Trikala, Research Center for Electromobility and artificial intelligence in automotive.

In this context and given the continuous effort of the municipality of Trikala for innovative actions, an effort is being made to collaborate with leading Chinese group, WeichaiGroup. The collaboration concerns the establishment in Trikala, a research centre (R&D) for electromobility and artificial intelligence in the automotive world.


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