Greece : Wind turbines destroyed by storm

A few days ago Greece was hit by bad weather that had the name “Hephaestion “. Snow, frozen winds, cut trees, icy rivers, even destroyed wind turbines, left in its wake. The windy winds of the last few days that arrived in some cases 11 Beaufort and speed 160 km per hour.

So, caused enough damage after they were able to “bend” up to wind turbines. The photos of from Karystos and the wind farm in Katsaroni prove the fury of Hephaistion where left nothing standing in his path.

Greece Wind destroyed

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The residents, now, are concerned about the parks that are close to the villages and wonder what could happen if break a feather or a piece of this huge column and with its flying reached a point to hit a man.

It should be noted that this wind is inactive and unfortunately with the wind turbines without being removed from the site.

Greece Wind destroyed


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