Hummer returns aggressive with electric SUV and Pickup

The Hummer H1 marked the automobile industry in the past decade where differed with everything else you found on the streets. In America it was a huge success and in Europe the Hummer sold quite well, especially the most versatile and smallest H3.

But since then things have changed a lot and on a planet full of pollutants no conventional Hummer has any luck. According to rumors, GM will reinstate Hummer and even with purely electric vehicles. According to the Wall Street Journal GM will announce the revival of Hummer in this year’s Super Bowl, to be held on February 2.

Hummer electric suv

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Thus, the Hummer will return as electric, silent and clean, while the relevant announcement will be made by General Motors in the Super Bowl. In fact, according to rumors, the return of Hummer will be announced by the NBA star James LeBron.

Hummer electric suv
Hummer electric suv


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