Offshore Wind Tendering 8 GW in France

The French Government has proceeded to increase the auctioned power of the forthcoming tenders. More specifically, the Macron government decided to revise its target for offshore wind from 5 GW to 8 GW.

This action is under the country’s new roadmap for Energy, better known as the “Programmation pluriannuelle de l’energie (PPE)”. The competitions will include fixed-foundation projects of up to 1 GW, starting this year.

Three competition procedures of 250 MW for floating wind will also follow between 2021 and 2023. The text of the Paris Decision includes new targets for the onshore wind sector. Reducing the use of fossil fuels in electricity production is the other objective to be achieved.

Offshore Wind Tendering

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As the Government text states :

The energy transition should be ambitiously reflected and clearly defined as to its implementation. This multiannual energy programme shows the way the government will go for the next decade, but also in the context of this period, in terms of specific issues.



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