Possible production of Tesla Model Y in the coming days

Tesla during the presentation of Model Y last year had set a specific timetable for its production. Initially, the autumn of 2020 would started the first deliveries, but reportedly last month, sales of Model Y may start in the first quarter of 2020.

It is certainly a good coincidence for Tesla and its customers. If verified and the following rumor will be an excellent progress for the production process of Model Y.

So according to a tweet from a Tesla enthusiast who claims to be an employee of the company, he says that the production of Model Y will start much earlier, and in two weeks.

Possible production of Tesla Model Y in the coming days

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It would be an impressive move by Tesla if you could start producing the Model Y at this time. But we should be wary of these rumors since they do not come from the official company.

It would be a very positive fact for TESLA customers to receive the desired Model Y in advance. And it would be even better for Tesla since it will raise its value in the global market.


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