Tesla dominated Norway 2019 sales with Model 3

The Norwegian car market in recent years has an impressive capacity in sales of purely electric and hybrid vehicle plugin. Year landmark emerges in 2019 for Norway since electric vehicles prevailed against ICE at a rate of 56% while pure electric vehicles conquered the impressive 42% of total vehicle sales for the in December of 2019.

The Tesla Model 3 prevailed in total sales of 2019 and even in comfort, since with 15.683 units and a 20% sales rate. The difference with the second is almost chaotic since the VW e-Golf is a little more than half the sales of Model 3. This does not mean that the E-Golf did not do well. On the contrary, with 9.195 sales is a big surprise. If we think of course that the German electric Hatch will be replaced logically this year by ID.3 where will take the reins.

Norway 2019 sales

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In third place found the Nissan Leaf where with 6.127 sales and 8% is far enough from the top. Another big surprise was from Audi since with the E-Tron SUV ranked fourth with 5377 units and a 7% share. And not ruled out for the 2020 to see extra surprises! Fifth place won the first plugin with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to sell 4877 models and 6% share.

source : EV Sales Blog

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