Tesla : Most valuable American automaker in history now!

Tesla has been presenting a remarkable rise in the stock market for the past few months. On last Friday the stock market value of the American electric car company has reached 86.19 billion dollars. This resulted in overcoming the previous record of 80.81 billion owned by Ford since 1999.

In fact, on Thursday the Tesla stock arrived to negotiate marginally below the 500 dollars. Right now, after Friday’s closing, it’s at $478.15 and next week it’ll show us where it’s going. For the record, the capital value of Tesla is almost as that of Ford and General Motor cumulatively.

Despite the fact that the production of Tesla for the 2019 was in 367,500 cars. On the other hand, the two giants produced approximately 14 million vehicles both. The Tesla in Q3 had some profits but not something impressive. What is it that pushes the stock of the electric car company at these odds?. The Tesla leads the race of electric vehicles and everyone else is trying to reach. Also, as the experts agree, the electronics of Tesla cars are extremely advanced.

Tesla : Most valuable American automaker in history now!

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Finally, we should not forget the advantage that Tesla has as a manufacturer of electric models. With regard to pollutant emissions and more specifically, “CO2 credits” may sell to other manufacturers to compensate for their own emissions. For example, as did FCA, where he pays hundreds of million in 2019 in the Tesla to benefit CO2 credits.

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