Uber and Hyundai reveal a pioneering 5-seater flying taxi

The name of the Hyundai Urban Air Mobility is S-A1, with the cockpit designed to accommodate five seats, that of the pilot and four of the passengers. Instead of wheels, it has four electric propellers, reminding of a quadruple drone, and rises in the air, like a helicopter, but with much less noise.

The South Koreans joined forces with the well-known Uber taxi company Elevate, but having in mind the taxi services in the air. To be more precise, the two brands collaborated with a remarkable number of aeronautical companies, with the aim of creating the first flying Uber taxi.

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility

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It will use a heliport for takeoff and landing, while between 1000 and 2000 feet The propellers will be tilted forward. As for its autonomy, it will reach 60 miles, that is 96.5 kilometres, thus covering important distances in the air without the hassle of traffic in the streets, and it is said that it can reach up to 200 mph (322 km/h)

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility

Also, S-A1 is the first of the three urban mobility concept, where Hyundai intended to present in the CES 2020 exhibition . Will follow the Hub, which the company from South Korea calls as mobility space, and the PBV (Purpose-Built Vehicle), that will be moving in the streets and will arrange for the transfer of customers


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