2020 electric Honda e : Official features announced

The features from the first pure electric car Honda e were officially announced by the Japanese company.

Honda e externally distinguishes from the compact design but also the many curves it has. Its length is 3,895 mm, 1,750 mm wide, and 1,512 mm high. with a wheelbase of 2,530 mm. Inside are dominated by the many screens that occupy the entire width of the dashboard.

There are two different versions of the Honda e. In the first it has an electric motor delivers 136 horsepower and 315 Nm of torque. It accelerates the weight of 1,514 kg bodywork to 0-100 km/h to 9.0 sec while the top speed reaches 145 km/h. Autonomy reaches 222 km where they are sufficient for use in the city.

2020 electric Honda e

The second and most powerful version of the Honda e has a 154-horsepower electric motor. It has the same torque as the first version and delivers the same autonomy and top speed. But it differs in acceleration where at 0-100 km/h it takes 8.3 sec.

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It has rear-wheel drive but the trunk is simply satisfactory with 171 liter capacity. However, the pure electric Honda e has an excellent weigh-in since it reaches the ideal (50:50). The forged aluminum suspensions consist of McPherson’s knees back and forth.

To fully charge the 35.5 kWh lithium-ion batteries require 18.8 hours in a 2.3 kW household outlet, or 4.1 hours in a 7.4 kW outlet. At 100 kW charging points can charge in 30 minutes at 80%.

In its standard equipment, the Honda e includes 6 airbags, and autonomous braking systems. It also has a lane change warning and identification function of marking plates. Standard are all electrical facilities, two 12-inch screens each, cameras instead of mirrors, heated front seats, alloy wheels, etc.


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