Citroen will cross the Sahara with electric cars

Citroen 100 years later will try a great feat by diffaning the world’s largest hot desert. In particular, at the end of 2022, the French firm will attempt to cross the Sahara in purely electric vehicles.

The great adventure will begin on 19 December 2022 and will be completed on 7 January 2023. Drivers will have to cover a 3,170 km route. It is certainly an impressive and prototypical way for Citroen to prove the reliability of its vehicles.

In 1922, André Citroën, founder of the eponymous brand, performed a feat, crossing the world’s largest warm desert with the Scarabée d’Or and having as support vehicles two B2 modèle K1 with crawlers.

Electric production vehicles, an prototype EV, as well as two replicas of the Scarabée d’Or and Croissant d’Argent will participate in this effort.

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100 years after the first Saharan cruise by automobile, Citroën is embarking on a new challenge, that of repeating the achievement in electric mode: Ë.PIC.

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