Electric Lotus EVIJA production will begin soon

Everything is ready for the production of electric Lotus EVIJA hypercar. The production line is located at Lotus’s headquarters in Hethel while next door there is the company’s test track.

In total, 130 units will be produced where everything will be manually constructed. Maximum power of electric Lotus EVIJA will be 2,000 horsepower and its torque at 1,700 Nm. The above figures ensure Evija acceleration from stop up to the first 100 and 300 km/h in time under 3″ and 9″, respectively.

Electric Lotus EVIJA

The top speed will exceed 320 km/h while it accelerates from 100 to 200 km/h it needs less than 3 sec. Also for acceleration from 200 to 300 km/h is required under 4 sec.

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The power supply from the lithium ion battery of 70 kWh is located in the center, low and behind the backs of the two seats. It has a light carbon fiber monocoque frame, which helps keep the weight at 1,680 kg.

electric Lotus EVIJA
electric Lotus EVIJA

Lotus EVIJA features 20″ front wheels and 21″ with Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, with brakes consisting of carbon ceramic discs. The length of Evija is 4.59 m, the width of 2 m, the height of not more than 1.12 m, while the distance from the ground is just 105 mm.


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