HUMMER EV : All-electric zero emission with 1000 hp

The first tesaser video of the Hummer EV was published by GMC

Recently, General Motors announced that Hummer will return to the market as a “GMC Hummer EV”. The new vehicle will be a pure electric one that delivers 1000 horsepower, and an impressive torque of 1600Nm. Also for 0-100 km/h it will take about 3 seconds.

Hummer EV wants to compete with Ford’s electric F-150 and certainly Tesla’s Cybertruck. The last has even sparked many “fires” in the pickup trucks area. The Hummer ev will be manufactured at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant with an annual target of 80,000 units.

Hummer was a truck brand and SUVs, which began its commercial career on the market in 1992. Then the American automaker AM General presented the political version of the HMMWV (High Mobility Military Wheeled Vehicle) also known as Humvee.

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In 1998, General Motors acquired the brand from AM General to commercially exploit it, initially with hummer H1. It was based on the Hamvee military and later with the Hummer H2 and H3 based on smaller General Motors platforms for civilian vehicles.

According to Wikipedia, although HMMWV was designed exclusively for military use, its political version owes its appearance on the market due to the publicity it gained from The Gulf War in early 1991.

Also from the hype of actor and later politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, resulting in high demand from a segment of the buying public. GMC Hummer EV’s official unveiling will take place at a special event held by the company in Las Vegas, USA on May 20.


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