Kubota reveals autonomous robot tractor of the future

Kubota X Tractor is an electric autonomous vehicle and shows us what tractors could be like in the future.

Farmers in the future will probably have their own robotic tractor and the Kubota X Tractor is a test. The Japanese company celebrates 130 years and wanted in this way to present something innovative.

The Kubota X Tractor is purely electric and has engines at all four ends. Electric motors can draw energy from both lithium-ion batteries and solar panels. It is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technology, and is also fully autonomous

Kubota’s autonomous Tractor has no wheels but trucks system, and can increase the distance from the ground depending on the circumstances. According to Kubota, farmers in Japan are retiring rapidly, so it is natural, the company believes that, for the industry to move towards autonomy.

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The Japanese company does not intend to make the innovative concept tractor available in production. Electric vehicles also occupy new sectors in the category of special vehicles. The start was made in the particular sector concerning farmers, we will expect more electric tractors soon?


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