New Zero SR/S electric superbike has full-fairing design

In a few days, the new Zero SR/S electric superbike will be unveiled, with many improvements. One of the big changes is that it will feature full-fairing design. Due to better aerodynamics, a general increase in electric autonomy is expected.

First of all, the “dressed” SR/S is the most comfortable Sportbike of its class, zero says. It will be a Sport-Touring motorcycle, with a 110 horsepower performance and a torque of 19.3 Kgm thanks to the electric motor.

New Zero SR/S has an upside-down fork, radial calipers on the front brakes, rear shock absorbers mounted on the side. Zero says if the rider leans behind the full-fairing, he’ll have 13% more power consumption economy.

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new Zero SR/S

New SR/S electric superbike will be officially unveiled on 02.24.2020, where more technical details are expected.


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