Tesla Cybertruck pickup exceeded 500.000 orders

As we mentioned two months ago the Tesla Cybertruck pickup could reach 500,000 orders. Not long after the launch of the Cybertruck, orders quickly reached the number 250,000. With $100 one can order the futuristic Pickup, which will be returned when the car is delivered.

But it has recently become known, and according to unofficial information that Tesla Cybertruck pickup orders may have exceeded 522,000. Sure, it’s an impressive number and it’s not unlikely for another big number of orders anytime soon.

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

The Cybertruck Tesla will be available in three versions. In the first version it will be and the basic will have battery with a autonomy of 250 miles and the drive will be on the rear wheels. The second version will have a battery that reaches 300 miles and will be four wheel drive.

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The latest and most dynamic version will have an impressive autonomy of up to 500 miles. Also will have explosive performance since for the 0 to 60 mph it will need only 2.9 sec.

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

Tesla never officially announces order numbers, but it is not considered unlikely that the above number will apply. If there is no problem with the production of Cybertruck, the first owners will get the pick-up in 2021.


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