Tesla Model 3 has the lowest devaluation after 1 year

Tesla Model 3 still breaking down a myth that electric vehicles are rapidly losing value.

According to a latest survey by iSeeCars, more than 6 million used or new cars were examined. The period of the research was from August 2019 to January 2020. The reason for this research was to find out which models lose more and less their value within a year.

According to the above survey, the Tesla Model 3 has the lowest devaluation in a year after losing just 5.5% of its value. In second place is the Ford Ranger losing 11.4% of its value, followed by the Chevrolet Traverse with 11.7%.

On the other hand, the car with the greatest devaluation was the BMW 7 Series, which loses 43.4% of its value compared to its initial price. According to the research’s findings, a car loses an average of 25.2% of its value within a year of the date of purchase.

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iSeeCars Top 10 Cars to Buy New Over Used
Rank (By Percentage)Model% DifferenceNew Over Used$ Difference 
1Tesla Model 3*5.5%$2,529
2Ford Ranger 11.4%$3,716
3Chevrolet Traverse11.7%$4,198
4Honda Civic (hatchback)11.9%$2,704
5Honda Fit12.5%$2,111
6Subaru Crosstrek13.1%$3,138
7Chevrolet Corvette13.6%$8,113
8Honda Accord13.7%$3,177
9Honda Ridgeline13.8%$4,663
10Dodge Charger13.9%$4,097
Overall Average25.2%


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