Tesla Model Y is the most efficient SUV ever

The Tesla Model 3 is now the benchmark in the compact SUV category since it is the most efficient vehicle in this type of category in terms of autonomy.

Tesla Model Y officially has received the EPA rating where at 315 miles or 507 km, it is the most efficient SUV. When the Model Y was unveiled, the estimated performance with a charge was 280 miles, meaning there’s a 35-mile improvement.

This EPA rating gives Model Y the title of the most efficient electric SUV in the world. But Tesla has made some necessary improvements in the SUV’s energy efficiency to make the above number a reality.

It is surprising that it even exceeds the Model 3 since the efficiency of the sedan is at 304 miles or 489 km. Model Y is the new addition to the range, and the first deliveries will begin according to the company next month. The efficiency of the electrical system is an area that Tesla has always paid great attention to.

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Tesla Model Y efficient
Tesla Model Y is the most efficient SUV ever

It would be very interesting for Tesla to reveal where it found the extra performance compared to the Model 3. More generally, SUV cars are more energy consuming vehicles than sedans of the same class and a direct comparison between the Model Y and Model 3 will be highly informative.


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