Volkswagen in recent years has been investing too much in electromobility to stay on the train of developments. By 2025, many pure electric models are expected, so that the German company has a modern fleet of electric vehicles.

Passat is a highly successful VW model where for many years now it has charted an impressive sales path. But lately, the drop in Passat sales has been significant in both Europe and America.

VW Passat
2020 VW Passat

A typical sample is that Passat’s sales in 2012 were 117,023 units while last year it achieved just 14,123 units. Speaking to reporters, the company’s head of America said Passat now has a limited life cycle. And he also added that Passat’s successor could be a car without an internal combustion engine.

Rumors are wanting VW to consider the company’s new sedan based on I.D. VIZZION Concep unveiled in 2018. Production is expected in 2022, and thanks to its large 111 kWh battery it can have autonomy of more than 665 km. Using two electric motors, the combined power will reach 306 hp.


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