Tuned Tesla Model 3 vs McLaren F1 at Tsukuba track

Why a tuned Tesla Model 3 found on the historic Tsukuba track in Japan? Obviously it’s still a show of potential that has Tesla’s specific electric sedan.

In fact, the Performance of the Model 3 on the Japanese track was stormy, and looked in the eyes the mythical McLaren F1. In Tsukuba, F1 had scored a time of 1.04.06. How much did the tuned Model 3? 1.04.07! Just a tenth less than a mythical supercar.

This tuned Tesla Model 3 has accepted ‘Unplugged Performance‘ care, making a long list of improvements. Some of them are adjustable suspension, Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit, ceramic brakes and bodykit made of carbon fiber that increases downforce.

Video from YouToube channel DÆrik

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Its tyres are the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, so that it can normally move on a public road. The specifications are not clarified, but it is probably the top Performance version.

In fact, the makers of the sweeping improvement argue that this car can move even faster, using slick tyres. Now imagine an experienced racing driver also behind the wheel!

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