VW to invest in Greece for autonomous driving tests

VW research projects also take a field in Greece on electrification and autonomous driving. The Greek island of Thassos will probably be the field of action for the German company’s autonomous driving pilot program.

The first discussions between the two stakeholders concerned the possibilities that could ensure a “green-smart” island. That’s where VW and MAN could use vehicles for autonomous driving tests.

The Greek proposal is to make Thassos a “smart island”, since it combines the advantage of the infrastructure of the port and the airport of Kavala. Here are details from the official Website of the State Department.

Greece for autonomous driving
Greece, Thassos – Photo by Pixabay

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The Greek Government is strongly committed to the promotion of electromobility as a strategic priority. In this context, a high level delegation of Volkswagen is visiting Kavala and Thassos (12-13/2) to facilitate the data collection for a feasibility study the German automaker is conducting on the subject of electromobility infrastructure in small islands. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic Diplomacy, Costas Fragogiannis and the Volkswagen delegation will assess, on the ground, the data collected for the feasibility study. A corresponding process of traffic data and road networks collection has already been undertaken in other islands of similar size by economic diplomacy officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should be noted that, at this stage, all talks between the Greek government and Volkswagen are preliminary in nature. Hence, no decisions have been taken nor a timetable for a concluding agreement been finalized between the two parties. The increased interest shown by major multinationals, as it is the case with Volkswagen, to explore investment opportunities in Greece is a tangible proof that the Government’s effort to increase the extroversion of the Greek economy is bearing fruits.


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