Peugeot will probably unveil the hot version of 208 at the 2020 Paris Motor Show. However, because of the coronavirus crisis, nothing is yet certain whether the exhibition will take place.

Peugeot hot 208

The hot and fast new Peugeot will probably take the name 208 PSE bearing the initials of Peugeot Sport Engineered. But, that it will be purely electric, rather than plug-in hybrid, like the brand’s sedan model.

The head of Peugeot Sport, Francois Wales, says the 208 PSE will perform better than the 208 GTi. This puts us thinking that the electric motor may exceed the 208 GTi conventional engine. Logically the 208 PSE should have over 210 HP since it must compensate for the weight of the batteries.

On the other hand, because of the direct and high torque of the electric motor it should exceed the acceleration of 208 GTi. Also upgraded will be the battery since it will have more capacity than the e-208, to give the new hothatch the necessary power and reliability.

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