ASKOLL eSpro70 eScooter with up to 100 km range

ASKOLL eSpro70 is an eScooter where it stands out in design, has great practicality but also affordable price. Built in Vicenza, Italy, it is the professional electric scooter based on the corresponding political model.

eSpro70 features a particularly slim design reminiscent of a lightweight scooter, while the loading grill stands out at the rear. Askoll from Vicenza, Italy has put on this model all the know-how it has built for over 30 years electric home appliance engines.

Askoll eSpro70 eScooter delivers 3.7 hp and 130 Nm of torque and takes power from easily detachable 7.5 kg batteries. At a very good level is its autonomy where with 96 km it satisfies the transportations in a big city. Full charge takes 7.5 hours.

ASKOLL eSpro70 eScooter with up to 100 km range

Askoll’s batteries can be easily recharged either directly from the eScooter or by removing them from the bottom of the seat to connect to the charger. The Askoll eSpro70 has 16-wheel wheels, a 220 mm front disc brake and a rear drum of 140 mm (and CBS).

The maximum load that eSpro70 can accept is 85kg, covering most micro-transport needs. It has 3 programs:

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ECO: With reduced top speed, but greater battery autonomy.
NORMAL: The option to move to the city.
POWER : Option for maximum acceleration of the electric motor especially when the route involves uphill

In terms of the cost of buying the professional scooter is from 3,500 to just under 4,000 euro depending on various markets.


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