BYD electric car industry temporarily produces masks

BYD electric car industry in order to help coronavirus pandemic temporarily turned to mask production. There are currently increased needs of the Hubei region, where its units are located. In fact, BYD in just about a month managed to produce 5 million masks a day.

At the end of January, Chinese BYD announced that it would reshape its supply chain. Thus, in parallel with the production of electric cars and batteries to start the production of masks. The founder of the Chinese company Wang Chuanfu created a team of 3,000 engineers from the head of various parts of the company.

In the first days of production, BYD added five to ten new mask production machines every day. This has resulted in an increase in daily production by 300,000 to 500,000 masks. The masks are first given to the employees of the company, so that the production of cars continues at normal pace.

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The rest of the masks are channelled to residents of the Hubei region, which is the epicenter of the coronavirus, as well as to hospitals and transport. Since the outbreak of the virus and its expansion in Europe, the demand for masks and hand antiseptics has soared.

China was already the world’s largest producer of masks. But now it has increased its production even further, touching the 54.8 million masks at the end of February.


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