Can Volkswagen to surpass Tesla in near future?

Volkswagen believes it can surpass Tesla in the coming years. But is that realistic? A few days ago Elon Musk announced that Tesla broke the milestone of 1 million electric cars that came off the production line.

At the moment Tesla is clearly the dominant in electric vehicles and the 1 million is an impressive number. On the other hand, VW is a giant in the auto industry, where it is difficult to compromise just to follow.

The German company is planning a massive attack on electric vehicle production and the huge investments it makes, that’s what they prove. In the video below, you can see a very interesting analysis of how VW plans to surpass Tesla!

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Description from YouTube channel Business Insider

Although Tesla reigns as king of the EV market thanks to its Model 3, Volkswagen has a plan in place to outsell them in the next few years. The automaker has set its sights on becoming a major name in the EV game, investing $37 billion in its electric car program. Between its production plans, new lineup of plug-in vehicles, and $2 billion marketing plan for emissions free cars, this car giant could easily be on its way to outselling Elon Musk.

Can Volkswagen to surpass Tesla in near future?

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