Citroen Ami urban electric car with just 20 Euro/Month

The new electric Citroen Ami Urban car seems to be the ideal vehicle for modern cities. It’s two-seater and so small that it doesn’t even require a driver’s license. Thus, anyone over 14 years old can drive it in France and 16 years old in the rest of Europe.

It is only 2.41 meters long, while the 5.5kWh battery can provide up to 70 km of autonomy on one charge. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 45 km/h.

Citroen Ami Urban

Charging lithium-ion batteries take just 3 hours in a common, household outlet. The electric motor of the Citroen Ami Urban car has a power of 6 kW and its weight does not exceed 485 kg. It also has an excellent turn cycle with just 7.20 meters.

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Important interest is the very low cost of acquiring or using the electric Citroen. In particular, the purchase price of the car in France is 6,900 euros or $7587. For someone who wants to rent it should give the amount of just 19.9 euros/month.

Its specifications do not require the possession of a driving licence. The only condition for being behind its steering wheel is to have reached the age of 14 (age limit for France). For the rest of Europe, it’s enough to be a 16-year-old.

Citroen Ami Urban

Retro element, inspired by the historic 2CV, is the manual opening of the windows upwards. Citroen describes the new Ami’s cabin spacious enough for the legs, heads and shoulders for two passengers. The driver’s seat is towed and adjustable in height.

Citroen Ami is purely electric, moving quietly and emitting zero pollutants. According to the French company, the new Ami is based on the Ami One Concept, which premiered a year ago at the Geneva Motor Show.


The book of orders for the new Ami will open on March 30 first in France. Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Germany will follow suit a few months later. The first deliveries on French soil are expected to begin next June. For the rental service, the deposit of €2.644 is necessary.

Citroen Ami Urban


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