Coronavirus crisis Italy : FCA donates 10 million euros

Coronavirus crisis hit Italy severely resulting in the rapid spread of covid-19. Deaths due to the virus, record unfortunately high numbers daily, thus resulting awareness among the Anielli family and FCA Group companies.

Thus, a huge financial contribution of EUR 10 million was decided to the Italian Civil Protection Agency managing the crisis at national level, as well as to Specchio dei Tempi /La Stampa (a social organisation active in the Piedmont region).

Coronavirus crisis Italy : FCA donates 10 million euros

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At the same time, among a number of other actions, a supply was made from the external medical material, which will be transported directly by air to Italy, while the Italian Red Cross and ANPAS (the Italian Public Relief Association) were granted a fleet of vehicles for distribution of food and medicines.

So far the coronavirus crisis in Italy has recorded 28,710 active cases, while fatal cases amount to 2,978.


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