Coronavirus pandemic also affects electric cars

It is a fact that the coronavirus pandemic has caused big economic instability in automotive industry, and electric cars could not be an exception. The factories are closing, with unknown date for the resumption of operations at present.

Car sales have fallen by 80%, while globally the industry has cancelled major events such as the Geneva Motor Show. On the other hand, European car makers have also begun to close their factories in Europe and Asia amid concerns about the health of their workers.

The stocks in the car industry’s junkyards will run out quickly and the deliveries of the new models will be long overdue. Maybe months, analysts say. The natural consequence of all these actions is that very soon there will be a problem in the supply of the market.

coronavirus pandemic electric cars

Today, automakers have gone into managing stock production to cope with falling demand and in no way think about production. The same analysts expect a big drop in sales of new cars, mainly due to the insecurity in all countries.

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What is certain is that the crisis will force manufacturers to rethink their production strategies. Most will enter markets aggressively after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, with the aim of returning to normality.

Electrification, in this period, is proving particularly vulnerable, as the climate is unfavourable and the perception that electric cars are expensive prevails. Accessories, batteries and charging points remain the biggest problem in acquiring them.

Should also be noted in the decline in oil prices in this recent times, leading several customers to a hybrid internal combustion engine model option. On the other hand, we should not forget the choice of gas which is currently at low prices throughout Europe.

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The recession that will occur after the coronavirus pandemic, according to car market analysts, may force many consumers to reduce their financial data and switch to the used car market.

However, several say that despite any blows, electric cars have prospects that remain strong in the coming period. At this point, the political will of each government will play an important role in their efforts to bring environmental benefits to the use of electric vehicles.

Also point out that the electric vehicles revolution is scheduled for 2022. Any problems that exist today will be resolved soon and the price of electric cars will be almost similar in the coming years to that of a car with an internal combustion engine.


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