Deliveries begin : Tesla Model Y official video

Deliveries begin Tesla says in the latest video for Model Y, and officially now the S3XY series has been completed. Tesla has already started delivering the first Model Y SUVs and Sosial Media was quickly released as was natural and some reviews.

In the video below Tesla’s YouTube channel, we see Model Y during the production process and continue with impressive snapshots on the road. The small electric SUV looks like an elevated Model 3 but it’s wider and a little longer.

Deliveries begin Tesla
Deliveries begin for Tesla Model Y

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According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Model Y is expected to become the company’s best selling car. And why not, of course, since it’s the most efficient SUV now in its class. Let’s remember also, that the model was unveiled almost 6 months earlier than originally planned.

Video from YouTube channel Tesla

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