Qooder is a company from Switzerland where in its plans it is to produce an electric quad bike. The scooter, which will also have a roof, promises clean transportation with the comfort of the car and the freedom of the motorcycle.

The new vehicle is based on the electric four-wheel scooter eQooder as you can see in the photos and in the video below. It will have 150 km range from the 10.8 kWh lithium-ion batteries, 60 HP with a maximum speed of 130 km.

 electric quad bike

Qooder has not yet published the performance for the 60-horsepower scooter, Paolo Gagliardo, CEO of the Swiss company, promises stunning acceleration. Gagliardo also revealed that the e Qooder will eventually be available with a roof, such as the BMW C1.

EQooder’s electric quad bike will use a frame with independent suspension on all four wheels. It will also feature an innovative electronic hydraulic tilt system that allows the quad bike to turn like a motorcycle.

It will have the agility of a GT Scooter, but with the handling, performance and safety of four-wheel vehicles. The two rear wheels will transmit the motion, while there is a mechanical differential on the rear and the weight distribution is at 50/50.

It will cost 21,490 euros while with 5000 euros deposit you will be able to order to the specifications you want your own vehicle from your home.

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