Full electric BMW 7 Series will be included in new lineup

Full electric model will feature the new BMW 7 Series as announced by the German company. For some time there have been rumors that the 7 Series would take electric form in the future.

Along with the electric version of the Series 7, the new generation of the model will also be available with a plug-in hybrid version. The German brand is also expected to bring in a fully electric version of the 5 Series, but this has not been confirmed by the Germans.

CEO of the German company, Oliver Zipse said :

The next generation of Series 7 will be available with four engines sets, gasoline, oil, plug-in hybrid and fully electric. All motion systems will be based on a single architecture. And the top, most powerful Series 7 will be fully electric.

electric BMW 7

As for when we’ll see the 7 Series with an electric motor, nothing was formalized, but rumors are telling about 2022. BMW has set a goal of reducing the average CO2 emissions of its models in Europe by 20% by 2020.

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BMW wants to have 25 electric and hybrid cars by 2023, when it is already preparing 5 by the end of 2021. These are :

  • BMW i3
  • BMW iX3
  • BMW i4
  • Mini Copper SE

Also, according to rumors the new electric BMW 7 series will be pronounced in various versions, and the basic will yield 560 HP from two electric motors. There will be a version that will offer autonomy of up to 700 km per charge, with the strongest version yielding 680 HP.


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