Lotus comeback with a new model and hybrid V6

Lotus is planning a strong comeback with a new model featuring a powerful hybrid V6 engine. In recent years, the historic English company has been consumed in a vicious circle that includes nothing other than new versions of its existing, ageing models.

Lotus thanks to Geely now has what it lacks, resources and technology, know-how. This will reveal the intelligence and ideas of its people and the first tangible results of the fresh air blowing in Hethel, we’ll see it soon.

The company is due to present a new model sometime in the first half of 2021. This model will be based on a revamped version of the existing architecture and will be powered by a V6 petrol engine that is related to the Toyota.

At Evora, this V6 provides, with the help of a supercharger of up to 410 horsepower. However, the new hybrid system developed by Lotus is expected to further increase the performance of the petrol engine, while keeping both consumption and emissions low.

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The challenge for Lotus engineers is not to create a powerful, hybrid V6 but to keep the car’s weight low. And all despite the addition of the electric motor of batteries and cables.

Rumors says that the Lotus new model will be strictly two-seater. But it will be at the same time the most easy-to-use Lotus on the market offering comfort, spaciousness and numerous storage spaces.


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