Mega winter range test for 20 electric cars

The Norwegian car federation recently conducted a Mega winter range test on 20 different pure electric cars. And to make it even more difficult, the test was done under the most adverse weather conditions.

The test concerned the range offered by these electric cars at extremely low temperatures as well as the process of fast charging. Also, all 20 EVs are the most popular electric vehicles on the Norwegian market and the tests were carried out on the same day.

Mega winter range test for 20 electric cars

All 20 cars crossed highways, country roads and traffic through the city. The temperature at the beginning of the test was three degrees celsius and in the final destination -6 degrees celsius. The process of rapid charging was carried out with a temperature of -2 degrees celsius.

The actual range of the 20 pure electric vehicles compared to that announced by manufacturers proved 18.5% less. The Hyundai Kona EV scored the best “performance” as it lost only 9.5% of nominal range.

On the other hand, the worst performance belongs to Opel Ampera which lost 29.81% of the range announced by its manufacturer. Also the Tesla Model S was the EV with the bigger range achieving 470 km in difficult winter conditions.

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However, the Model S had significant losses reaching 26.6% based on 610 km according to the WLTP measurement. Tesla Model 3 was also in a similar way with losses of 28%

As far as to fast charging, the Audi e-Tron 55 was the champion since the process of recovering 80% of the energy capacity of its batteries was completed in 27 minutes.

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