Model Y with heat pump gains longest range

Tesla Model Y has a heat pump, where as technology it is not something new but in EVs it can have a positive effect on efficiency. Tesla’s electric cars have the latest battery technology and not only as well as the greatest possible range.

On the other hand, there are complaints that the American company is developing its cars with California’s mild climate in mind. So the Model Y with the heat pump gains an advantage in the colder climates with the electric autonomy to benefit mainly.

But what is a heat pump?
Heat pumps carry heat from one environment to another through the refrigerant. heat pumps draw latent heat from ambient air (even when the external temperature is -20 °C) and transfer inside to heat the space. Because heat pumps work by drawing the available heat from ambient air, they are much more efficient than the most efficient systems.

Model Y with heat pump gains longest range

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Of course in the specific case of Model Y the fluid receives heat from one part -when it flows through a “heat exchanger”-, then leaves this heat on another heat exchanger. After that the air conditioning system sends the warm air to the cabin.

In the video below from YouTube channel Andy Slye, you can see how the heat pump works and the benefits on Model Y.


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