New BMW i4 electric concept has 600 km range

With the BMW i4 electric Concept the German company expands its range of EVs. The production version of the i4 is expected sometime in 2021 to find its way to production. The Geneva Motor Show 2020 was cancelled and bmw unveiled the i4 Concept online.

As far as design is concerned, the giant grille is striking at the front, where theoretically it is unnecessary. The reason is that there is no internal combustion engine that requires cooling. Practically, however, BMW uses it as a “intelligence panel” that hosts all sensors for safety systems.

New BMW i4 electric concept

The BMW i4 electric Concept is purely a sedan model and direct rival will be, what else? the Tesla Model 3. In the production model, design is not expected to have large differences externally from the concept.

Inside, the photos show that designers were more free to create a highly minimalist design. The i4 Concept, however, has a relatively simple design, with two large screens for the digital instrument panel and the entertainment and information system.

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In the theme of screens, BMW equips the concept with what it calls “Experience Modes”. This function alters the information displayed to the driver and passengers depending on the mood and the circumstance.

New BMW i4 electric concept

According to the company, the i4 Concept moves thanks to an electric motor that produces 530 horsepower. It is also powered by energy from an 80 kWh battery system that gives autonomy of 600 km.

We do not know whether these numbers will remain the same when the model goes into production. The i4 Concept theoretically accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds and continues to accelerate to the final speed of 200+ km/h.


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