New Tesla Model Y Performance First In-depth Review

Some new Tesla Model Y are already in delivery centers, so the first review are a fact. The video below comes from YouTube channel Tesla Raj, where there is a detailed review. This Model Y is the Performance version.

Although the weather was not ideal as you will see, Model Y impresses with its large cargo space. Also the front trunk is large enough, so comfortably fit a carry-on suitcase.

The headlights are identical to the Model 3, while it’s the Performance version wears 21-inch large wheels. At the back of luggage, it has hidden large compartments that also impress.

New Tesla Model Y Performance First In-depth Review

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The length of the Tesla Model Y is 4,751 mm, the width of 1,921 mm, the height of 1,624 mm and the wheelbase of 2,890 mm. The model offers more spaces inside than the Model 3, with the luggage compartment reaching up to 1,926 litres.

So check out the Tesla Model Υ review below and tell us what you’re thinking…

Description from YouTube channel : Tesla Raj

Here is your first in person look at the Tesla Model Y. Bare with me as it was pouring while we were filming. Things that were missed will be listed in the pinned comment below!

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