New Yamaha EC-05 e-scooter available in Taiwan

After a wait of almost 8 months, the new Yamaha EC-05 e-scooter is now available on the Taiwan market. Last summer Yamaha announced the EC-05 electric scooter, which is manufactured by Gogoro in Taiwan.

Yamaha’s long-term goal is to create electric vehicles that respond to ongoing developments and transformations in mobility. With Gogoro’s cooperation, Yamaha managed to speed up its innovation process for the common development of the scooter.

The first country to make available this new model is Taiwan. There Gogoro has already set up a network of automatic battery exchange machines (GoStation). Gogoro’s exchange network is complete since it has over 1200 locations.

Yamaha EC-05 e-scooter

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Yamaha EC-05 e-scooter recently was awarded in Germany for its design, with wheels 14 inches ahead and 13 rear. It has a 10 hp performance from its liquid-cooled electric motor and a weight of 126 kg. It also has two batteries and a final chain transmission.

Its top speed in Taiwan is limited to 90 km/h. However, it can also be properly regulated so that it does not exceed 45 km/h if it needs to be classified as a moped under European legislation.

The equipment includes LED lights everywhere and connectivity in its instruments via Bluetooth. Also very impressive is the large four-piston radial caliper with a 245mm disc. The design of the scooter starts from the rear wheel, focusing on the power source and the rider’s support strength.

Yamaha EC-05 e-scooter

Its central and elevated center of gravity is designed to enhance the user experience and create a sense of acceleration. The development of Yamaha is guided by the concept of “jin-ki kannon” which means connecting man and machine to a higher level, using technology.

Yamaha makes no reference to the characteristics of its batteries, announcing as maximum autonomy with the standard package of 110 km. On the other hand, the scooter is not intended to plug in for charging, but simply to change its empty battery with a full.


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