Renault ZOE surpassed 30,000 sales in Germany

Renault ZOE continues to sell impressive numbers in Germany market. So it is the most popular electric car on the German market having just passed the 30,000 sales milestone.

After France, Germany collects most of Renault ZOE’s sales in Europe. According to the latest data, the French firm states that it recorded 30,400 sales since the model began in Germany.

Renault ZOE surpassed 30,000 sales in Germany

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Of course, in the long run Renault ZOE is in danger of losing the lead with the arrival of the Volkswagen ID.3. However, Renault ZOE has been leading sales for several months on the German market. Over 9000 models were sold last year. It also achieved a January record with 1800 sales registered during this period.


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