Samsung wants to revolutionize electric cars and solid state batteries seem to be a one-way option. Even today, battery autonomy and charging time are not able to compete with conventional vehicles. But the Korean colossus wants to change that.

Samsung promises to have developed a pioneering such battery with impressive energy density. In general, solid state batteries are smaller than lithium-ions as well as larger than three times the autonomy. Will also reduce the charging time as long as the tank of a car with an internal combustion engine is filled.

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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has developed a new solid state battery that might make the big jump in EVs. Specifically, instead of lithium-metal anodes, it uses silver-carbon anodes five micrometers thick, which extend battery longevity.

It has half the size of a corresponding lithium-ion battery and according to Samsung this battery gives autonomy of 500 miles or 800 km per charge. Also, battery performance remains the same even after 1,000 charging cycles.

So 500,000 miles or 800,000 km is perfectly feasible if the above numbers are verified in practice. The only negative of the battery is that the silver it uses costs more than lithium. But Samsung says it will continue battery growth and improvement, and very likely to see it in production.

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