Security cameras of a Tesla recorded the earthquake

The cameras of Tesla security system have never before recorded a natural phenomenon, especially an earthquake. With Sentry Mode activated, a Model 3 was found near the epicenter of the 5.7-magnitude earthquake that “struck” Utah in the United States of America.

The seismic vibration automatically activated Tesla’s camera system, so the phenomenon was recorded from different angles. Sentry Mode has so far recorded many incidents, most notably vandalism of Tesla cars.

The example of Tesla and in particular the Sentry Mode which is activated with the slightest vibration is already followed by other manufacturers. This gives the opportunity for vehicle owners to have a full picture of everything that happens in their car.

Security cameras of a Tesla recorded the earthquake

Also notice the time when Tesla cameras recorded earthquake, the video shows very well the large vibrations that strongly shake the car.

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Description from YouTube channel ViralHog :

“On March 18, 2019 at 7:09am, there was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake about 3 miles from where this video was shot. It came from the sentry footage from a Tesla Model, 3 so all angles are on it. The address this took place was 46 S Orange St, SLC, UT at a produce warehouse.”

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