Spring Electric : Dacia unveils first electric car

Dacia enters electrification with prototype Spring electric, which will be a small city SUV. The new Dacia Spring allows us to discover what the Romanian brand’s first electric model will look like, which will reach the market in 2021.

Dacia is ready to begin its specific transition to full electric mobility. The popular Romanian brand owned by the Renault Group has presented a very interesting model that lays the foundations of the company’s first electric model.

Spring electric Dacia

Dacia fully electric vehicles are in the vision of the Renault Group on electric and affordable mobility. As is evident in the images that accompany this article, we will see a model that has a close relationship, at least at the prototype level. No, you’re not wrong, it’s the Renault City K-ZE, a model sold in China.

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Dacia notes that this electric car combines simplicity, reality and accessibility. It has compact dimensions to provide great mobility in urban environments.

Spring electric Dacia

At the moment Dacia is quite sparing with the technical characteristics of its new full-electric model. The only known technical data so far is that Spring Electric is 3.73 m long and with a autonomy of at least 200 km.

Spring electric Dacia


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